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The Washington, DC metro area is home to more than 6 million people (about 700,000 in the District of Columbia, itself), and with high levels of employment and government jobs there are a lot of daily commuters.


In fact, that’s the only real drawback to living in this beautiful area — the traffic.


Why do we mention this? Because traffic in the DC region can be horrible, and you definitely need to consider your commute when you’re deciding which neighborhood to call home. Fortunately, the region has a lot of options for your daily commute, including trains (Metro and VRE), several bus systems, Express commuting lanes on major highways, organized carpools and “slug” (alternative carpool) lines.


Here are links to some of our major commute services in DC and Northern Virginia:


As residents and real estate experts, we know the tricks for getting around the metro area and can help guide you, no matter what neighborhood you move to.